The OpenTCI(TM) Project

This project is intended to solve the problem with the bike manufacturers monopoly on their mostly overexpensed electronic spare parts for their motorcycles.

It focuses on OS embedded devices software for automotive control purposes, and will be in addition one of the first OPEN SOURCED HARDWARE projects worldwide.

It has been started by me in a german yamaha users unofficial discussion forum with an attempt to build a very low cost, easiest-serviceable and most reliable GENERATOR RECTIFIER/VOLTAGE REGULATOR, in public testing stage at the time of this writing.

The mean target is to develop a OS replacement of the uC Ignition Control Device (TCI) in hardware and software with the use of PIC automotive controllers or other, for private and bike racing use.

Automotive Standards and QA should fully apply: -VDA 6.x -ISO 9001 -ISO 15504 or SEI CMMI -Other respected automotive industry standards, if applicable.

Any contribution is welcome.

Thomas Schorpp, Masters of Electronic Science, Quality Manager DGQ e.V.,
Karlsruhe, the 9th of June 2004, Germany